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Sephardic [Arab Jews- not killed by Hitler] and Ashkenazi Jews[European-Russian Jews- killed by Hitler]

THE GOOD JEW AND THE BAD JEW ..... Excerpt from

In safed, 1999, is where I experienced for the first time in my life, a knowingness that eclipsed the physical world. There it was that I made contact with the mystics that I have studied since the age of nine years. When we went to the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, it was on the anniversary of his death. To sephardic jews, that is when the connection to the departed's soul is most possible.
Sephardic Jews have very different traditions and culture and thoughts than do Ashkenazi jews. Ashkenazi jews are consumed with germanic principles and philosophies. When Hitler wrote that the soul of the aryan was up for grabs between the german and the jew, I think he was very accurate. When he decided to remove that option, by removing jews from the german presence, in order to tip the balance, he was hoping to seal the ultimate fate of the european gestalt as being german and pagan, not christian.
It is the german (jew) who after many years in power positions in Israel, is acceding power now to the russian (jews), who more sino-aryan in their cultural gestalt. However, it is the sephardic jew who has lived in peace for thousands of years with his arab neighbors, and he who is under represented in the government of Israel.
The history of the jews is extremely interesting when viewed as a racial division between arab jews and european/russian jews. Not one sephardic jew was killed by Hitler, because he considered them to be "real jews" and the german jew as a bastard german.
This fact is not seen by american jews at all. In Israel though, it is whispered about by the sephardic. The Kabbalah is sephardic. The Talmud is Ashkenazi. Jews are at war with jews over old books. Jews are at war with jews and muslims over old books, and jews are at war with christians over old books. Jews are the people who are at war with books. We need to call ourselves not people of the book, but people who are at war with books. In Rome, jews tried to have the kaballah burned and totally destroyed, in their war on it on behalf of the talmud. It was the pope who saved the kabballah. The jews brought the kaballah out of egypt, where Moses was a scholar of Hermetic Wisdom, which is what the kabballah is based on. Moses liberated the hidden esoteric philosophy and gave it to the common man, much as jesus did later on. Bar Yochai wrote the zohar, which he channelled, while hiding in a cave in safed. It is actually his story that makes up a large part of the story we recognize as being about Jesus. Safed is where the sephardic mystics have always lived. Jesus was one of these. He was an arab.
I must pause here to apologize to those who came here looking for Roseanne Barr. I can imagine your puzzlement to find me instead. Well, I always was like this, even though you are familiar with another part of me. I am Roseanne Barr, but yet I am also not her. I am the part of her that sneaked around her edges. I was she who is and is not yet, but is now she who became she who is.
It was in Safed that I was cured of my multiple personality disorder, also called Dissociative Identity Disorder. The part of me that would never stop believing that it spoke directly to god, was finally able to take total control of the body. It was not as the psychiatrists wanted, because it was that part that they called "crazy".
My doctor, Colin Ross, healed me by telling me that I did not have to let go of god, and that I should immediately begin to tell people not only that I spoke to her, but to tell them what exactly god was telling me. At that point in my life, there was no more division and there was no more obsession and there was no more compulsion, or fear of being found out and locked away any more.
For many people like myself, a profound connection to god is what kept us crazy and divided. My contribution to the field of study regarding this "mental illness" is to tell the story of my integration, and how it is for so many of us "multiples" that have indeed grown a new organ of consciousness that is actually quite useful to the human animal.
In trauma and dissociation, reality is suspended, and inventing several shape shifting identities is ultimately a way that the mind overcomes the limitations of time and space. When I knew that I did not any longer have to pretend that I did not speak to god, I was cured.

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